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Recognizing the signs of emotional abuse in your partner

At some point or another we were taught to recognize the signs of domestic abuse. Images of black eyes, bruised skin and stitched cuts might flash into your head. The reality is domestic abuse is not limited to what the eye can see. Often along with the physical violence comes emotional and verbal abuse. Usually the relationship will start off normally and the abuser will often shower their victim with affection in an attempt to create a bond with and manipulate their partner. Emotional abuse can feel confusing, but there are certain characteristics that can help you determine if you are involved with someone who could potentially be an abuser.

Some signs your partner might be mentally abusive are:

Understanding basic tenets of divorce in California

The notion of a pending divorce can feel overwhelming to even the most steadfast person. Divorce brings a range of new challenges that all must be dealt with in order to finalize the process. If you are considering divorce, there are a few basic tenets of California divorce to keep in mind.


How to be a good co-parent after divorce

Divorce is rarely easy. Even if a couple can agree on most things, there are still emotions to process and practical complications to overcome. These challenges are magnified when children are involved.

A divorcing couple with children cannot simply go their separate ways and start fresh. This makes it even more important to, whenever possible, let go of contention, anger and bitterness against a former spouse. Holding on to these negative emotions will only make the co-parenting process that much more difficult on everyone involved.

Child support: what costs do these payments cover?

If you have been awarded child support in your divorce, are you afraid that you may spend the payments on something that is considered "out of bounds/" Do you know what you can spend that money on? And are you afraid of running afoul of certain guidelines with your child support?

Allow us to assuage any of those fears right now. Child support payments are not watched by a court or judge, at least so long as no litigation or legal action is taken after the fact that shows improprieties with the payments. Initially, you will not be required to prove how you spend child support payments.


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