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April 2018 Archives

Equality and communication could insulate couples from divorce

When couples in California marry, they generally anticipate a long life together. However, adapting to changing circumstances as the years go by could strain a marriage. Ideally, future partners will discuss how to share responsibilities like household chores, financial management and child care before getting married. Spouses should accept themselves as equal decision-makers and be willing to speak up when adjustments are necessary in the home or at work.

How do you establish paternity in California?

If you had a child outside of marriage, you may not legally be considered the child's father. Now the child's mother is refusing to let you spend time with your child. However, you need to establish legal paternity to secure child custody or visitation rights, to provide your child access to key financial support and help make key decisions in their life. Do you know how to establish paternity rights in California?

Studies say divorce weakens a child’s immune system

It’s no secret that divorce can adversely affect a child’s mental health. But did you know that divorce can affect your child’s physical health too? Studies show that children of divorced parents are at a higher risk of developing a physical illness later in life.


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