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June 2018 Archives

A divorce timeline can take from months to years

As many California residents know, when the divorce process starts, there are many uncertainties. One of them is how long the divorce process will take. When the marriage ends, both parties want to move on with their lives. However, the length of time a divorce takes is highly dependent on the parties involved and how they work out their differences.

Disability may impact aability to make child support payments

The child support agreement between divorced California parents may be going along swimmingly when disaster strikes. The non-custodial parent becomes disabled and can't work. Does this mean an end to the money the custodial parent gets to support their children? Not necessarily.

When parents involuntarily impoverish themselves to evade support

In some California child support cases, one parent will either work for less than what he or she is able to make or under the table in an effort to avoid being responsible for paying child support. Referred to as voluntary impoverishment, this tactic is something that child support enforcement agencies and the courts are aware of and understand how to identify.

Why public assistance hinges on child support orders

If parents in California or anywhere else in the country need public assistance after a divorce, the government may ask if they are receiving child support. This is because the child support payments could alleviate the need for the government to provide benefits. In some cases, government agencies could ask that a parent reimburse them for any benefits paid out. Individuals who want to receive benefits will first need to have a legal separation order in place.

Statistics show most parents stiffed on child support

Over the years, California readers may have heard some political pundits suggesting that parents receive too much child support. However, statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show that most single parents receive less than they are owed.


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