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September 2018 Archives

Gray divorce and health

Spouses who go through a divorce will find that their lives will be impacted in many different ways, regardless of how old they may be. However, California residents who are at least 50 years old should be aware that a divorce can significantly and negatively impact their health. Divorce can have a number of physical and psychological consequences for older divorcees, particularly if they are already dealing with some medical issue.

Why a prenuptial agreement may suit some couples

A prenup may be a good idea for some couples in California even though they may hesitate to create one. People may worry that if they have a prenup, they will be more likely to get a divorce. They may worry that it will upset their families or about revealing personal information such as debt or bankruptcy. However, creating a prenup can improve communication and cooperation.

Can you physically prove emotional abuse?

After years of dealing with a spouse who has psychologically tormented you, settling a divorce can leave you with anticipation and fear. While you might feel some relief that you will no longer be with someone that negatively affects your mentality, you also could worry that someone who has put you and your child through agony might get some custody and assets that they do not deserve.

One major sign that divorce may be imminent

For couples in healthy relationships, spending time together brings about a sense of hope and happiness. Even on very difficult days, coming home is something that happy spouses look forward to. When married couples in California lose this hope, it's one of the biggest signs that they may be headed for a divorce. Hopelessness in a marriage is often characterized by a feeling that nothing can be done to save the relationships, and this is often true.


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