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Tips for when a child wants to live with the other parent

After California parents get divorced, the children usually spend more time at one household. However, a child may eventually express a desire to live with the other parent. If this happens, there are several things the custodial parent may want to do.

When children disagree with physical custody plans

One of the most complicated challenges a custodial parent may face after a divorce is handling a child's request to live with the other parent. There are a variety of legitimate motives a teen or young person might have for making this request, but there are some guidelines for what to do in this situation. California parents may want to consider the following tips.

Is a lopsided child custody order adjustable?

At the end of your divorce proceedings, you walked away with a custody agreement that may not give you as much time with your children as you would like. However, the court put the child custody order in place because it was thought best for the kids. Some time has passed and you feel a change is in order. Can you seek a child custody modification?

Finances and getting remarried

California residents who decide to get remarried should be aware that there can be financial issues that have to be addressed. This is because people who get remarried tend to have more financial assets than they had the first time they were married. It is also likely that they may have lingering financial complications from a previous marriage. The situation can become even more complex when there are adult children.

Supervised visitation aims to protect a child's safety

Some California parents may not be considered fit or able to provide regular parenting care for their children. In addition, there may be concerns that kids could experience dangers or harms if regular parental visitation is granted. However, family courts recognize that children have a strong interest in an ongoing relationship with both of their parents. As a result, judges may order supervised visitation, which is when a noncustodial parent is only allowed to see their kids in the presence of another person acting as a supervisor. While the supervisor is often a professional like a counselor or social worker, it could also be another family member.


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