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August 2019 Archives

Study raises concerns over courts' handling of abuse

Some people believe that fathers face discrimination in California child custody cases. While in the past mothers were often believed to be the "natural" caregiver for a child, courts have long since shifted to a model that prefers shared physical custody. In fact, many studies have found that when fathers pursue custody, their claims are given a higher level of credibility in the courtroom and they are more likely to be successful than mothers. Some research has pointed out troubling numbers that could indicate that credible abuse claims are being pushed aside in decisions that could be related to stereotypical or social beliefs about fathers and mothers.

Gray divorce, older women and financial woes

In California and across the United States, women often experience complex financial issues following divorce. Whether the issue involves community property, separate property, child custody arrangements or spousal support, divorced women seem to face more difficulties than divorced men. An older woman obtaining a "gray divorce" typically experiences more problems than a younger woman. For some women, gray divorce causes financial woes that are difficult to handle.

DNA testing plays a pivotal role in family law

California residents facing child support issues, child custody cases and paternity questions may benefit from having a better understanding of the role that DNA testing plays in the court's decision. Many cases require some form of DNA testing before parentage can be determined.

Does your divorce have you concerned about hidden assets?

Getting divorced is one of the biggest life changes many people go through. Because you know your life will be immensely different, you want to give yourself the best chance possible of making the most out of your court proceedings, especially when it comes to getting your fair share of the assets.

Proving that a child is in danger

Parents in California and throughout the country should not be afraid to speak out if they believe that their children are in danger. Judges will thoroughly investigate any claims that a child has been abused or witnessed others being abused in a home. As part of the investigation, a court will seek assurances that a parent is not making false accusations as a means of obtaining custody of a child.


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