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December 2019 Archives

How couples should approach relationship agreements

Individuals in California and throughout the country may choose to sign cohabitation agreements or prenuptial agreements. Cohabitation agreements are typically designed to define the rights and responsibilities of unmarried couples who live together. Prenuptial agreements are crafted and signed by individuals who are seeking to get married in the near future. Prenuptial agreements often cover topics such as spousal support and property division, and they are generally seen as a tool to override the standard marriage contract.

Divorce is a time of financial changes

People in California may face challenging financial times when they decide to divorce. Indeed, the financial changes that accompany the end of a marriage can be more profound and long-lasting than many of the legal and emotional effects. In addition to dealing with the complications of property division, people may also need to plan to handle their finances differently after the divorce is finalized. Professional assistance from a certified financial planner may help people to structure their new financial lives after their marriage comes to an end.

How fathers can overcome bias in child custody cases

California parents going through a divorce may wonder if there is evidence showing bias on the part of the courts when deciding parental rights. Many fathers fear that a judge's bias will favor the mother, especially when it comes to child support.

How can you fight for a fair spousal support order?

Did you make the choice to stay home with your children? Are there certain factors unique to your situation that leaves you unable to work? Do you have a job that earns significantly less than what your spouse earns? If you answered yes, then you probably have serious concerns about what your divorce will mean for your financial future.

Visitation rights not contingent on child support

When a California co-parenting arrangement gets contentious, the parties involved might act with malice toward one another, seeking to deny visitation for any reason. In most cases though, visitation rights cannot be denied unless the child is being subjected to violence, abuse, or imminent danger. Among the most common illegitimate reasons a parent might try to deny the visitation rights of the other are bitterness or resentment toward the ex or a new partner, falling behind on support payments, refusal by the child or sickness of the child.

Steps to take after an ex has filed for child custody

Relationships can be complicated, especially when children are involved. California residents who have child custody on their mind, particularly when an ex-partner has started the custody process, may wonder what they can do. Here are a few things that can help an individual whose ex-spouse is filing for custody.


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