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January 2020 Archives

Preparing to co-parent after divorce

When parents in California decide to divorce, they may face challenges transitioning to a co-parenting relationship. Many people want to avoid hurting their children and fear they may do so by separating while other people have a highly strained relationship. Whether the separation is proceeding amicably or less so, the spouses involved still need to find a way to navigate parenting together. There are several steps that people can take to help lead the way to a positive co-parenting framework that can help parents raise their children after a divorce.

Division of retirement accounts in divorce is all in the details

As some California couples begin the divorce process, retirement accounts, including IRAs, will be on the table for negotiations. Unlike other retirement accounts, which need a QDRO for their division, IRAs are divided based on the negotiations that lead to the divorce agreements.

How to avoid long-term money woes after a divorce

While California residents may experience financial and emotional consequences after a divorce, it is possible to recover from them. According to a survey from Fidelity Investments, it takes about five years for most people to feel as if they have recovered both emotionally and financially from the end of a marriage. Those who played a role overseeing a household's finances said it was easier to recover from the financial fallout of a divorce.

Why an old calendar is helpful in child custody cases

As soon as the new year starts, one of the first things that many California residents do is throw away their old calendar and put up a new one. However, this may not be the best move to make if a person is considering filing for a divorce and wants custody of their children.

When might divorce mediation be inappropriate?

Nearly every couple facing divorce wants to do so without a lot of drama. They want to keep their costs low and their heads down, and get through the process in the most amicable way possible, especially if they have kids. For these reasons alone, mediation is an attractive alternative to the traditional courtroom divorce, and it may be the first thing more couples consider now.


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