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March 2020 Archives

The advantages of spending time in the kitchen with your kids

If you're looking for new things to do at home when you have custody of your kids, why not try cooking together? This is an excellent opportunity for parents and children to do something fun and creative as a team, learn something new and have a chance to talk.

You may have trouble selling your home in a divorce

Couples in California going through a divorce may struggle with issues of property division. One particular area of controversy comes when one party wants to sell the marital home. There is a question of whether the other spouse can prevent them from selling the home in the middle of a divorce.

Getting through a divorce with reduced conflict

Some spouses in California decide to divorce amicably and can move quickly to a new style of relationship. However, this is often more difficult when complex issues like infidelity, addiction or breaches of financial trust are involved in the end of the marriage. A spouse may justly feel wronged by the other party, and they might want to take action to expose or punish the other party's misconduct. However, wronged spouses should think twice before taking revenge that could affect their case in the courtroom.

Are you worried about a slow divorce process?

Making the decision to end a marriage rarely comes easy. Even if you know that divorce would best suit your needs and likely even the needs of your spouse, it can still be complicated to come to this life-altering decision. Of course, once you do make the choice, you likely want to get the process over with as soon as possible.


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