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How do you establish paternity in California?

If you had a child outside of marriage, you may not legally be considered the child's father. Now the child's mother is refusing to let you spend time with your child. However, you need to establish legal paternity to secure child custody or visitation rights, to provide your child access to key financial support and help make key decisions in their life. Do you know how to establish paternity rights in California?

Studies say divorce weakens a child’s immune system

It’s no secret that divorce can adversely affect a child’s mental health. But did you know that divorce can affect your child’s physical health too? Studies show that children of divorced parents are at a higher risk of developing a physical illness later in life.

Divorcing? Watch your social media

As you go through a divorce, it’s natural to “turn the corner” and think about the next life ahead of you. You may want to update your progress with family and friends, some of whom have been worried about you. It’s only natural to share this on social media as you show the world that you can bounce back and begin anew.

Recognizing the signs of emotional abuse in your partner

At some point or another we were taught to recognize the signs of domestic abuse. Images of black eyes, bruised skin and stitched cuts might flash into your head. The reality is domestic abuse is not limited to what the eye can see. Often along with the physical violence comes emotional and verbal abuse. Usually the relationship will start off normally and the abuser will often shower their victim with affection in an attempt to create a bond with and manipulate their partner. Emotional abuse can feel confusing, but there are certain characteristics that can help you determine if you are involved with someone who could potentially be an abuser.

Understanding basic tenets of divorce in California

The notion of a pending divorce can feel overwhelming to even the most steadfast person. Divorce brings a range of new challenges that all must be dealt with in order to finalize the process. If you are considering divorce, there are a few basic tenets of California divorce to keep in mind.


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