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Supervised visitation aims to protect a child's safety

Some California parents may not be considered fit or able to provide regular parenting care for their children. In addition, there may be concerns that kids could experience dangers or harms if regular parental visitation is granted. However, family courts recognize that children have a strong interest in an ongoing relationship with both of their parents. As a result, judges may order supervised visitation, which is when a noncustodial parent is only allowed to see their kids in the presence of another person acting as a supervisor. While the supervisor is often a professional like a counselor or social worker, it could also be another family member.

Factors affecting child support payment amounts

Child support payments, in theory, are designed with the best interest of the children in mind so that they can maintain their quality of life after their parents split up. However, as many California parents have found out, depending on who is paying and receiving, the amount might be considered too high or too low. While there are federal guidelines for establishing support payments, the law does allow each state to establish their own rules regarding payment, and this often leads to a wide range of amounts for families in similar situations.

Media portrayals of noncustodial parents are often unfair

When media outlets in California and around the country run stories dealing with noncustodial parents, they are usually about deadbeat dads or fathers who turned their backs on their children in order to pursue career goals. While it may be true that most noncustodial parents are men, the portrayal of them as selfish, uninvolved, uncaring and cheap is largely based on myth.

How to make co-parenting easier during the summer

Divorced parents in California and throughout the country may be looking forward to spending more time with their children during the summer months. However, it is important to understand and respect the needs of the child as well as the other parent. Ideally, parents will spend time talking about their summer plans as soon as possible. If there are any issues that they cannot resolve on their own, it may be worth seeking the services of a mediator.

Co-parenting mistakes with teens

Divorced parents who are raising teenagers have a lot to think about. Teenagers come with all the problems of adolescence and it can be easy for former California couples to make mistakes when it comes to co-parenting. Among the biggest mistakes parents make are failing to share information, cutting off communication, and failing to coordinate.

Growing trend of joint custody

If California fathers obtained a divorce in the 20th century and sought to share child custody after their divorce, it is highly likely that they were disappointed. During that time, the family courts tended to side with mothers and would award them full child custody. However, during the last 30 years, there has been a significant change in how family courts are handling child custody: They have been increasingly pushing for mutual agreements that favor shared custody.

Best practices for communicating and coparenting after divorce

Coparenting is a difficult but necessary endeavor for most divorced parents in California. Unless abuse is an issue, it's usually accepted that it's in the child's best interests to see both parents. Parents should not interfere with this relationship. Furthermore, a child should feel comfortable talking about their time at the other parent's house.

Reducing the impact of divorce on children's college education

Preparing for college costs can be a daunting task for any parents in California. This process can be even more complicated for divorced parents. It's estimated that two-thirds of married couples have no financial plan in place in case of divorce or death of a spouse. Even though divorce can strain finances, there are some ways parents may be able reduce the impact of a split on their child's education.

Formulating parenting plans with child development in mind

When drafting parenting schedules, many divorced parents in California tend to focus too much on their own time instead of discussing the developmental needs of their children. However, effective co-parenting requires more than just cooperation. Experts say it should also take into account how children react to the separation as they grow up. An effective parenting plan establishes child custody and visitation provisions in accordance with research on developmental traits.


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