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Can you agree to lower or higher child support?

After you get a divorce, you may find that you want to seek a modification of your divorce decree. While it's possible to seek a modification through court, many people who want to make changes to the divorce agreement will do so informally and then ask the court to approve those changes.

If your situation changes, a modification of custody could help

After you get a divorce judgment, you might think that's the last you'll have to deal with any of those old issues. However, if you find out that your custody arrangements aren't going to work, that your ex-spouse had a change in circumstances or that you've had a significant change in circumstances, it may be time to ask for a modification.

Can you ask for a portion of hidden assets?

Asking for a modification of your divorce decree isn't necessarily unusual, depending on the reasoning. Many parents ask for modifications to adjust child custody, for example. Others may ask for modifications of alimony when they're getting remarried or have a change in their circumstances.

A post-divorce modification could help you modify your decree

When you seek a post-judgment modification, you're asking the court to modify the final judgment previously made. For instance, if you have a child custody arrangement in place that doesn't work any longer, you may ask the court to modify that arrangement. If you have a property division settlement agreement that you want to have altered, you can ask for that as well.

Get What You Need With Post-Judgement Modifications

It is a huge relief to finally get a divorce settled with the appropriate parenting and spousal support agreements in place. A couple of years down the road, however, the settlement that you negotiated may need modification.


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