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August 2020 Archives

Moving after divorce: Can you take the kids?

You've been wanting to move back to your hometown, but it's several hours from where you and your spouse lived. Now that you're divorced, you want to move away, but with children, you feel it's impossible. If you're three or four hours away, visitation would be much harder.

Can you agree to lower or higher child support?

After you get a divorce, you may find that you want to seek a modification of your divorce decree. While it's possible to seek a modification through court, many people who want to make changes to the divorce agreement will do so informally and then ask the court to approve those changes.

Coparenting with a narcissist is hard, but you can do it

You have kids with your ex-spouse, but you have a very hard time coparenting. Your ex is narcissistic and frustrating to talk to. They think that everything is about them and that every comment or suggestion you make is intended to undermine them.


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